In-School Curriculum

Our In-School robotics programme for children (K to 12) is a hands-on and fun-driven learning approach. Developed by academicians and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) alumnus, our robotics programme is based on an international curriculum focusing on a variety of STEM topics that allows children to use their imagination towards generating new ideas for real-world applications and preparing them for the STEM job market. Our robotics programme develop 21st century skills in children, such as problem solving, creative thinking, innovation, logic, analytical thinking, confidence and team-work.

  • Learn to code
  • Play with circuit board electronics
  • Play with sensors
  • Build a robot from scratch
  • Hack a robot
  • Control a humanoid robot using code
  • Create games
  • Futuristic technologies
  • Create your own Apps
  • Computer science without using a computer!
  • Build clean energy technology
  • Learn 3D printing

Mynd Works After-school Programme

We aim to be an extension of your family, by giving your child a learning experience of a lifetime. As children get older and more independent, they need new challenges.

 Early Childhood Learning ( Age 2 to 4 years )

 School Age Children Learning ( Age 5 to 12 years )

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Send your child to a summer camp or workshop where they can play and learn to be an inventor at the same time! We offer 2-week workshops during April, May and June for children to create and learn about the latest innovations in the world.

1. MIT App Inventor Camp

Children learn how to design and develop applications using GUI based Software developed by MIT, Boston USA. The camp focusses on designing of Applications for real time use like home automation, water level indicator and games. The children are also trained to control robots using the applications completely designed by them.

2. Young Entrepreneur

Want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg? Are you a young entrepreneur? Have an idea for a business? Team up with our mentors during this 2-week summer camp and learn how to start a company and get ready to pitch your business idea to real investors!

3. Humanoid Camp

Children learn how to assemble, build and programme 1:6 scale humanoid robots from scratch.

4. 3D Print Software Camp

Participants of this camp learn 3D software, design their own cars and test their designs in a wind tunnel.

5. Aquabotix

Children spend 2 weeks learning how to build and operate a Remote Underwater Operated vehicle.

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