A robot that helps kids and teens learn problem solving, computational thinking, coding and robotics in an easy and fun way

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With endless imagination and creativity kids play with Phiro and together they go on adventures, create stories, games, explore new worlds, all while having fun.
As kids play with Phiro, they learn to code and watch Phiro enact their programming. As kids learn to code, they foster computational thinking and problem solving skills, crucial for every field in the 21st century .
Coding and playing with Phiro empowers and inspires kids to be creators and innovators of the world .

Play with Phiro

navigateNavigate a room

navigateMake a movie

navigateFlash lights of different colors

navigateDetect and follow faces

navigateFollow Light

navigateDetect edges

navigateCreate Music and Dance

navigateTransform Phiro into anything you imagine with LEGO®

navigateCreate games

navigateTake Pictures

navigateDetect & avoid obstacles

navigateFollow a line


Sequential Programming

Kids can learn programing with Phiro's easy sequential keys to navigate a room, maneuver a maze and watch Phiro act out your code.

Swish Card Binary Coding

Coding is like a fun game! Use swish cards of different colors to make Phiro solve fun challenges, sing a song or flash lights. Create your own commands for Phiro by simply coloring binary code on cards.

Snap blocks of code together and send Phiro on missions. Snap! is a free open source visual programming language created by UC Berkeley, USA and adapted to Arduino by Citilab Spain.


Drag & drop blocks of code to make Phiro clean your room. Scratch 2.0 is a free open source visual programming language created by MIT, Boston USA.

pocket code

Build your own apps to control Phiro to record a movie or take pictures. A free open source visual programming mobile application created by Graz University of Technology, Austria.

Compatible with apple android windows

What kids can do with Phiro

Create and Innovate with Phiro

Kids can transform Phiro into anything they can imagine or want to play with, like a race car, alien, animal or even a friend at a tea party

Designed for Kids aged 4+

4-8 years

Phiro Unplugged

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9-18 years

Phiro Pro

snap scratch pocketcode phiro-keypad swishcard

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