Draw Bot

Make Phiro into a drawing robot and program it to create art using Phiro's arrow Keys.


By the end of the lesson the learners will be able to:

  • Identify and understand step-by-step directions
  • Predict moves necessary to create shapes
  • Plan sequence of moves as symbols
  • Convert sequences into code
  • Develop fluency of sequence, iterating, experimenting
  • Express their creativity by completing an art challenge
  • Learn debugging
  • Program without a computer

Robotics, Coding, ART.


All Ages


30 min

Robot & Accessories Needed

Phiro Unplugged or Phiro Pro robot


Sticky Tape (Double-sided tape works well) Marker/Pen, Pencil, Art Paper

  • step1
  • step2
  • step3
  • step4
  • step5
  • step6


  • How would you make art on a paper automatically to create really cool effects?
  • What tools does Phiro need to become an artist?
  • With the right tools, how will Phiro draw something?
  • What do you want Phiro to draw?


  • We will make Phiro to create a circle
  • How many moves does Phiro need to take to draw a circle?
  • What direction does Phiro need to move in, in order to move in a circle?


Place a large drawing sheet of paper on the ground.

Tape your favorite color marker in the front of Phiro.

Tip: Make sure the sticky tape doesn't touch the robot's sensors in front.

Plan the moves Phiro needs to take to move in a full circle. To help you remember, draw the arrow symbols steps on paper.

TIme to test your artwork!



With your marker on Phiro, you are ready to start creating your artwork!

Program 1: Program Phiro to move in a circle. Tip: Use your cheat sheet arrow symbols steps.

  • Turn Right
  • Turn Right
  • Turn Right
  • Turn Right
  • Play

Did drawing the circle work the first time? What was challenging? What did you do to solve it? How did you improve your drawing?

Debug: Use Last step clear button, if you pressed a wrong key or a buggy step!

Program 2: Program Phiro to draw following shape.. Tip: Use your cheat sheet arrow symbols steps.

  • Turn Right
  • Backward
  • Turn Right
  • Backward
  • Turn Right
  • Backward
  • Turn Right
  • Backward
  • Play

Try Repeating above & keys as many times you want and see the different Phiro art you can create.



Remix your artwork by taping a different color marker on each of the 4 sides of Phiro and repeat the same code to see what art you can create with Phiro! Can you change the size of the marker and see what you can draw.



Share your artwork created by you and Phiro drawbot with us using #MyPhiro and @RobotixLS and we will share it with friends around the world.

Extension: You can use Swish Cards to program Phiro to create artwork too! How will you use Swish Cards to decrease the number of steps to create the same artwork?