Engineering Design Process

Learners will be introduced to the Engineering Design Process, guiding them through creative problem solving.


By the end of this lesson, learners will be able to

  • Identify the steps of the Engineering Design Process
  • Explain the steps of the Engineering Design Process
  • Imagine their own Phiro inventions & designs to try.



All Ages


30 min

  • step1
  • step2
  • step3
  • step4
  • step5
  • step6


Inventors, Engineers, and Coders, think and work in steps that help them make technology & solve problems! Here are 6 steps you can use to help you make your Phiro inventions. The 6 steps are in a cycle and you can start anywhere or go over & over again. It's easy to start at ASK.

Before you think about your Phiro invention, ask and answer questions about your invention.

You can ask questions like these:

What problem will your invention solve?

What do you want your invention to do?

What do you need to know to make your invention?

How do you make sure your invention works?



Brainstorm ways to solve the problem with your invention. You can draw or write all of them down.

Hint: there are more than 1 way to solve any problem!



Choose 1 idea from your Imagine step that you want to create and test. If you are working with a friend, discuss, agree & make a plan together to create.

You can draw a diagram or write your plan in steps. Make a list of tools/supplies you will need.



Yay, the exciting step! In this step, you will follow your plan, make and test your invention.

Inventions don't always work the first time.

Did your invention work? What parts worked well and what parts don't?

What can you do to improve it or make it better?

Improving is never ending!



In this step, you will try changing something in your creation to make it different.

Build on other's creations by swapping your creations with friends and put your own spin on theirs by changing something and see what happens. Make sure to give credit to your friend's creation that you reused or remixed, we're sure they'll appreciate it and do the same on their turn!

You can redesign / recreate / recode / rebuild / re-anything you imagine!



In this step, you can share your creation with the friends, family, teachers, other inventors/designers and the world!

You can tell them about how you made it, what was fun, what was easy/difficult, what was frustrating. You can give & get feedback and ideas for your creations and even make friends with other Phiro friends to work on projects together!


What would happen if you didn't use these STEPS to make your invention? What would happen if you miss even 1 step of this process?

What can you make with Phiro that will help you at home?

What can you make with Phiro that will help you at school?

What tricks can you play using Phiro? Any Phiro games you can imagine?