Light Show

Create a light show by programming Phiro to flash lights of different colors for 1 second each using Make a Block in Snap4Phiro.


By the end of this lesson, learners will be able to

  • Understand about programming LED lights
  • Understand and create efficient code
  • Identify and use their own programming blocks
  • Use computational concept of control
  • Connect digital and physical worlds
  • Develop greater fluency of sequence, control and debugging
  • Practice experimenting & iterating
  • Express their creativity by programming a robotic light show

Robotics, Coding, Make a Block, Light Show


9 & above


45 min

Robot & Accessories Needed

Phiro Pro robot

  • step1
  • step2
  • step3
  • step4
  • step5
  • step6


  • How many colors and combinations of colors can you imagine in a light show?
  • How many basic colors can be formed using RGB LED combinations?
  • (Hint: 16million!)
  • Playing around with mixing colors can makes an awesome light show!
  • How can you make Phiro flash as many color lights


How would you program Phiro to flash different color lights?

How many steps would it take to change from 1 color to the next?

How would you imagine decreasing the number of steps to make the process more efficient?

2 ways to do this:

1. Long Code

2. Short Code

What colors will your light show have and will there be a face-off of Left and Right LEDs?



2 ways to create your lightshow

Long Code

1. Identify the Left and Right LEDs in front of Phiro robot

2. Explore Phiro's Left & Right LED blocks of different colors in Snap4Phiro

3. Explore the range of the LED block values 0 to 255

4. Figure out the blocks you need to program Phiro's right and left LED lights individually.

Short Code

1. Explore "Make a Block" blocks

2. What block can you make to simplify Phiro's flashing lights



Create the Long Code and Short Code

Long Code:

1. Flash Right and Left LEDs RED only

2. Wait 1 Second

3. No Color = Black (K)

Short Code Steps

1. Make a Block

2. Define the Block

3. Flash RGBCMYK for 1 second each and repeat forever

Create a light show by programming Phiro in Snap4Phiro to flash lights of different colors for 1 second each.

Short Code

1. Phiro Flash both Red 1 Sec

2. Phiro Flash both Green 1 Sec

3. Phiro Flash both Blue 1 Sec

4. Phiro Flash both Cyan 1 Sec

5. Phiro Flash both Magenta 1 Sec

6. Phiro Flash both Yellow 1 Sec

7. Phiro Flash both White 1 Sec

8. Repeat Forever



Remix your light show code with Phiro Motor blocks and make Phiro to move in different directions along with Phiro Light Show code.



Share your Phiro Light Show using #MyPhiro and @RobotixLS and we will share it with the world.