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How to switch ON Phiro?

You can power ON Phiro by sliding the power switch to the right on the backside of robot. Phiro's Side Led will glow white means Phiro Switched ON.

How do I switch off Phiro?

You can power OFF Phiro by sliding the power switch to the Left on the backside of robot.

What happens if I drop my robot?

Phiro is extremely resilient so try not to drop them!

What surface is suitable for Phiro?

Phiro is designed in such a way it moves all direction in Flat surfaces. Avoid using it in Carpet or any other uneven surface for smooth operation.

What should I do, if my robot makes strange noise?

Switch OFF the robot and Switch ON it again.

How to find difference between Phiro Unplugged & Phiro Pro Robot?

Phiro Unplugged and Phiro Pro robots comes with 2 different colour serial number sticker.

What is the difference between "Phiro Unplugged" & "Phiro Pro" robot functionally?

Both Phiro Unplugged & Phiro Pro robots come fully assembled and are ready to learn from & play with, right out of the box. Phiro Unplugged uses only onboard programming, whereas Phiro Pro uses Smartphone and PC programming in addition with onboard programming.

Without any devices or computer Free, Open Source & Wireless via Bluetooth
Sequential Keys SWISH Card Scratch 2.0 Snap4Arduino Pocket Code
Phiro Unplugged Yes Yes No No No
Phiro Pro Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Why won't Phiro connect to my iPad?

The following devices are compatible with Phiro:
Android smart phones. Windows, MAC & Linux Systems.

Where can I find the serial number and other information about my robot?

Unique serial number and other information has been specified under each Phiro Robot.

How would I know My Phiro's Charge is less?

Phiro's rear lamp will blink red colour to indicate less charge.

How to Charge Phiro Robot?

To charge your robot:

1. Switch OFF Phiro Robot (Note: Phiro will not charge, When it is ON)

2. Connect the included USB cable to your robot and a USB charger. Phiro Charging indicator will glow green colour, while the robot is charging.

3. When your robot is fully charged, Phiro Tail Lamp will glow Red along with Green colour charging indicator.

How do I know my robot is charging?

Phiro Charging indicator will glow green colour, while the robot is charging.

How do I know Phiro's charge is full?

When your robot is fully charged, Phiro Tail Lamp will glow Red along with Green colour charging indicator.

How long will it take to charge a robot?

It usually takes 8 hours to fully charge a robot (starting with zero battery life).

Is there a power adapter that comes with the robot?

We include a USB cable that will allow you to charge the robot by connecting to a USB port or USB wall adapter.

Can I use other charging cables to charge the robot?

No. This Phiro charging cable is specially made for Phiro charging.

How long does the battery last?

Phiro has a battery life of at least 6 hours. Phiro Rear lamp will blink red in case of less battery.

Can I change batteries in my robot?

No, Phiro robots have rechargeable batteries than cannot be accessed or removed.

How to change from one mode to other in Phiro?

Phiro will switch ON in Sequential (M1) mode by default. Pressing mode button once changes it to Swish Card (M2) mode. Pressing it again changes it to Bluetooth (M3*) mode

M1 : Sequential Mode: Green Led will glow in Sequential mode indicator (Near 7 segment Display)

M2 : Swish Card Mode: 7 Segment Led will number 00

M3*: Bluetooth Mode: Blue Led will glow in Bluetooth mode indicator (Near 7 segment Display)

(* only for Phiro Pro Buyers)

What should I do if Phiro Sequential Key programming is not working?

Check whether Phiro is in Sequential Key (M1) mode. If not, Press mode button till sequential mode Led indicator glows Green to enable Sequential Mode.

What should I do if Phiro does not go straight?

Look for foreign objects in Phiro wheels & make sure surface is even.

Why Download button is not working in Sequential mode?

Sequential programming does not need download command to execute the program. Just press play button to execute the program after sequential program is over.

How to delete or erase wrong key pressed command in Sequential mode?

Press Last clear button or debug button to erase last step of sequential key (or) Press clear all button to delete full sequential program.

What should I do if Phiro keys are not working in Swish card mode?

Phiro direction keys and Led keys are meant for Sequential mode only. Only last delete, clear and download buttons will work in Sequential (M2) Mode.

What should I do if Swish Card does not read the card properly?

If Swish card is not read properly, Phiro will beep twice. Check whether Phiro is in Swish Card (M2) mode. Swipe the card in correct direction and at constant speed as given in the user manual instruction.

How do we know that Phiro read the swish card correctly?

After card is swiped, Phiro will display the swiped card number for 2 seconds and then total number of cards swiped. If the card number and swiped card number is different, press last delete button to erase last command and swipe that card again slowly.

What should I do if lost any of the Swish cards?

You can use DIY black card to recreate the lost card. Note down the lost card number, convert that into binary number and shade that binary number and shade it as per given in user manual. If you lost bunch of swish cards, you can download swish cards from below attached link and print it and use.


Where can I find my Phiro* robot Bluetooth name?

Unique serial number & Bluetooth Name are same and it has been specified under each Phiro Robot.

What should I do if Phiro* robot disconnects communication with Windows PC or Android Smartphone?

Make sure Phiro is in Bluetooth (M3) mode. Even then if Phiro is not connecting, restart Phiro & software.

Can I use same Phiro with different systems?

Yes, we can use same Phiro in different system. We have to Pair Phiro with each system individually.

How to pair Phiro* Bluetooth with device Bluetooth?

i. Switch on Phiro Pro, Go to Bluetooth Mode by pressing Mode button

ii. Go to Settings >> Devices >> Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth ON in System

iii. Click Add Bluetooth Devices in System

iv. Click on the Phiro Bluetooth device and press the Pair button.

v. Enter the pass code "1234" and then press Next to pair to the Phiro.

Is "COM PORT" number of same Phiro* robot will be same for all system?

No, it will differ for each system. It depends on available port in that respective system. Please note the "COM PORT" number when Phiro Bluetooth pair with system Bluetooth driver.

What are the devices that support Phiro*?

Phiro robot supports Android smart phone devices via Pocket Code App,
Phiro robot supports Windows via Scratch2 Software.
Phiro robot supports Windows, MAC & Linux via Snap4Phiro Software.

Where can I get software for Phiro?

All Phiro related software's are open source and are available in our Website.


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