Introduction to Phiro

Learners will be introduced to Phiro robot's hardware and intelligence and imagine their own invention possibilities.


By the end of this lesson, learners will be able to

  • Identify and understand Phiro's sensors, motors, LEDs and speaker
  • Become familiar with the concepts of coding with or without a computer
  • Be introduced to creative coding with Phiro
  • Imagine possibilities of their own Phiro inventions and creations.

Steam, Robotics, Coding


All Ages


30 min

Robots & Accessories

Phiro Unplugged

Pro Robot Swish Cards


Get Scratch for Phiro
Get Snap! for Phiro
Get Pocket Code for Phiro

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What is Phiro?

Phiro is a robot that helps you invent your imagination, make interactive games, play and have fun!

Make Phiro into a Zombie, Animal, Ferris Wheel, Drawing robot, Home-Security system, Musical robot or anything you imagine, and bring them to life with Phiro's Keys & Swish Cards or program them using Scratch, Snap! or Pocket Code!

Imagine what you want to invent

Invent by creating & coding Phiro

Share your invention and get inspiration from others using #MyPhiro



Here's some inspiration



To invent with Phiro, let's explore what it's capable of first. Explore the Hardware & Intelligence of Phiro


Phiro is the brain for your robot. Like many robots, Phiro has INPUTS and OUTPUTS. Explore & Identify the INPUTS & in-built OUTPUTS using the color guide below.


6 IR Sensors

  • 2 Front Sensors
  • 2 Bottom Sensors
  • 2 Side Sensors

Sensors help Phiro recognize obstacles, detect distance or edges in its environment


2 Programmable Motors. Motors make Phiro move

2 Programmable LEDs. LEDs make Phiro flash lights of different colors

1 Programmable Speaker. Speaker makes Phiro sing

  • Move forward
  • Move backward
  • Turn Left
  • Turn Right
  • Last Step Clear Button
  • Clear all Button
  • Change Mode Button
  • Download Button
  • Play Program Button


To bring your Phiro invention alive, let's find out how to control it

Phiro Unplugged

Program Phiro Unplugged without a computer using Phiro's Keys or Swish Cards.

Explore & Identify Phiro's Keys

Explore & Identify Phiro's Swish Cards categories

Imagine what you can make Phiro do using these.

Phiro Pro

Program Phiro Pro without or with a computer using Phiro's Keys or Swish Cards or wirelessly from a programming environment using Scratch, Snap! (from a computer) or Pocket Code (from a mobile device)

Explore & Identify Scratch & Snap! extension blocks for Phiro

Explore & Identify Pocket Code extension blocks for Phiro

Imagine what you can make Phiro do using these.

INVENT a Drawbot

Phiro + Keys + Pencil = Drawbot

Hardware Extensions

1. LEGO blocks (for Phiro Unplugged and Pro)

Invent a Ferris Wheel

Phiro+Swish Cards+LEGO=Ferris Wheel

2. Arduino + more sensors (for Phiro Pro only)

Phiro + Phiro Arduino Shield & Adapter + Arduino UNO + Pocket Code = Gesture Control Phiro



Share your Phiro inventions with us using #MyPhiro and @RobotixLS and we will share it with the world!